I am a feminist academic, activist and engagement ambassador with an interest in youth and gender. I have publications covering a range of fields with a focus on identity politics, youth cultures, and feminist resistance, and I have just published my first book Girls Like This: Boys Like That with I.B. Tauris. You can see some of my publications at this link. My broad concerns are with the politics of the everyday, and I am keen to deconstruct and critique the mundane practices that keep people in their places.

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In addition to my academic pursuits I am also co-founder of Day of the Girl Norwich, which is a community group that undertakes art exhibitions and workshops in the community to promote girl empowerment both globally and locally. I have hosted and been invited to take part in a range of engagement activities ranging from keynote lectures for third sector organisations through to school assemblies and craft activities for toddlers.

I am recipient of the University Award for Excellence in Teaching and the University Award for Engagement.

I live in Norwich where I am a Lecturer in the Humanities at the University of East Anglia, I eat often and regularly and secretly consider food to be the love of my life.


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